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    The Who, What and Where of Paris, France

    Paris is such an iconic destination and whilst I’m yet to visit just yet, I’ve enlisted two lovely women who are frequent visitors to share their experiences of what they hear, see and do to allow us to live vicariously through them. Meet Jill Healy-Quintard, a specialist in the Mind/Body connection, and Charlotte Ravet, LUXit Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist, for all the inspiration and #travelgoals!

    [ Charlotte & Jill ]


    Jill: “I have been travelling between France and Australia for 20+ years and lived in the south as well and have noted since we are all only separated by perhaps missing a twitter, youtube update or a post on Facebook, that the fashion throughout the world, particularly with Gen X has become global rather than limited to a specific city or country, although each place tweak their own uniqueness. In Paris in the fashion districts and the tourist districts there will always be people dressed typically Parisienne style, but the young people could be from any country eg. in the hip hop music and dance scene the fashion is totally global and that is from Zimbabwe to Croatia and everywhere in between. My family and friends in Paris love our Australian style, but I do note that the women members of my family young and older tend to wear more make-up and are never seen without make-up or very coiffed hair. The perfume is much stronger and the shoes have a definite very good and well groomed style, if they are not wearing trainers and workout gear.”

    Charlotte: “The typical French uniform is usually a good leather jacket, slim jeans, a nice top, messy bun or loose hair and for the most adventurous a classic red lipstick. If you want to learn more about the Parisian look you could definitely look Ines de la Fressange’s book: Parisian chic. A “bible” for any French women full of tips, places to go, and best looks to wear. So French, so chic!”

    A big fashion trend in Paris those last years is the effortless style, to achieve this, there is the secret “rule of three”.

    Charlotte: “You never to do the three things at the same time: hair, makeup, clothes. You always have to leave one. For example, if you are going to a dressed up party and wear a cocktail dress with high heels, you can do your makeup but will drop the hair. Or look like you haven’t done much and opt for a “bed hair” style. If you have your hair and makeup properly done you will probably wear flat shoes. I never feel overdressed or too sexy in Australia but going out in Paris I always do more fashion details, instead of a full glamour look. A stylish handbags and a nice pair of shoes will always be noticed!”


    Charlotte: “I always stock skin care going to France; Bioderma, Avene and La Roche Posay  are brands I always trust. I also buy a cream at the chemist call “Ialuset”. This cream is 100% hyaluronic acid and usually used for burns and ulcers on the skin. But it also does miracles if you apply before sleeping to plump your skin before a big day or after a peeling treatment. *This is just a tip and this is not the actual prescription for this cream, so I would recommend a patch test before use in case of reaction, as no prescription are required.”

    Jill: “I have relatives and friends in and around Paris and the South of France. My sister in law, who has recently moved from Paris to Cannes, is totally the opposite of the ‘How to Look Parisian Wherever You Are’ and speaking of, my Paris based sister in law found the article in a newspaper and said sadly that women are beginning to copy the Kardashian look.  Far too much botox and filler. My daughter said to me last year when visiting our relatives, that women in Cannes look the same- not just natives but tourists as well though. It is sad to see many of the gorgeous young girls smoking, although they certainly have the stunning French look, tres cool, while lying with their partner/lover/friends on the grass of the Place des Vosges (one of my favourite places in the Marais in the 4th) and just chatting or reading or embracing.

    “In the early 2000’s the way French women in my classes kept their weight down was to smoke, drink coffee and have 1 meal a day if any at all…….which is the real truth of Why French Women Don’t Get Fat!”

    Madame Quintard (my mother in law) and her sister were the invisible menders of incredible fabrics for all the designers in the exclusive Place Vendome, which (before bulk cheap clothing) was the center of Paris fashion in the 1st and she even had a dress made for our daughter by Chanel for her baptism in Paris. I always saw her as the epitome of Parisienne French. She never went out without having spent a long time grooming and always had everything immaculate, including her house.”

    Charlotte: French women are actually not wearing this much makeup, the French are more into skincare and hair care. A beautiful natural skin and silky hair will be the first step in the beauty routine. We like to see the skin under the makeup and are big fan of the “no makeup look”. Liner, highlights and false lashes are not a big thing in Paris, sorry!”


    Charlotte: “When I travel to Paris there is a few beauty places to never miss! Firstly, the huge Sephora in Champs Elysees. It’s definitely a beauty temple where I can spend hours looking at all the latest beauty products. If you go during the sales, products can be discounted up to 70%!

    For the luxury places, Guerlain which is next door to Sephora has one of the most beautiful perfumes and beauty shop, and don’t forget to stop by Laduree for a delicious macaron across the street! On the side of my classic Chanel N 5, I choose my parfum form Martin Margiela at Galeries Lafayette, the scents are very unique and delicate. For the professional makeup artists, there are two places to not miss; 1. Mac cosmetics rue des Saints-Peres, a professional Mac store with an extensive range of products, and 2. Maqpro, le maquillage professionel, a professional makeup store with a thousand choice of colours and textures. The company is family owned and products are made in France using luxury ingredients, and they also offer a range of convenient palettes and customisable products to suit all professional artists.”

    Jill Healy-Quintard is an Australian married to a Frenchman from Paris, and has trained and worked for more than 30 years in fitness and wellness for the body and the mind. Whilst running a range of exercise classes for her clients, she also writes for her fitness and wellness blog.

    Charlotte Ravet is an elite makeup artist and hair stylist based in Sydney. Her expertise spans bridal, editorial, beauty, commercials & celebrities alongside training, and if you’re interested in booking Charlotte to visit you for a service you can book at

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    Winter Tanning Advice

    Guest Post | Winter Tanning Q&A with Tannè By Meegan | Organic Mobile Tanner

    Because it’s cold and no one feels like leaving the house, winter tanning can feel oh-so hard. But it can give you such a hit of confidence that makes heading out on those chilly nights so much easier and sexier! Besides, you only need a jacket to get inside of where you’re going to…

    Professional tanner Meegan is here to chat with us about tanning during the cooler months and read on for a special tanning offer!

    Winter Tans3

    Hi Meegan! Tell us, why do your clients get a winter tan? 

    Getting a spray tan is a great way to satisfy your craving for a sun-kissed glow during the bleakest of winter days.

    Winter is the ideal time for a subtle golden glow and perfect for a that winter special occasion outfit that shows a bit more skin than the usual North Face jacket and scarf – I’m sure you know what I mean!

    By indulging in a winter tan, you can love the way you look all year long. Just by adding a subtle hint of colour to your skin can be just what you need to boost your confidence and give your winter wardrobe or winter special occasion a radiant face lift.

    Okay Meegan, Summer v Winter tanning shades?

    You definitely need to adjust your summer colour shade to a few shades lighter. 

    Try to match a shade that suits your natural skin colour and aim to just darken the ‘white glow’ off. Tannè By Meegan uses the VANi-T product range, which is a beautiful natural organic product and can be customised to any skin colour.

    What about tanning dehydrated winter skin though? 

    Maintaining a natural-looking tan during the colder months is easier than you think. Since you would be working with lighter colour palettes, you can stop worrying about uneven fading which could be more noticeable in summer. Because you need to exfoliate and moisturise to get even coverage, spray tanning in the winter with a refined organic tan can actually make it easier to keep your skin healthy and hydrated!

    Winter Tans2

    Tanning tips for any occasion

    * Everyone knows it is a cardinal sin not exfoliate in the lead up to your spray tan but I also recommend that you enjoy your manicure and pedicure in the days preceding your tan – you don’t want to soak off your newly applied colour!
    * When using the Vani-T Rapid Self Tan you can shower in as little as two hours and be on your merry way with the perfect sunkissed glow.

    * Messy spray tanned sheets are now a thing of the past!

    * If your spray tan is for a special occasion, like a wedding, then make sure you do a test run at least a month out to make sure you’re happy with the shade. Book in 48 hours before the event as a rapid tan takes 24 hours for the colour to fully develop.

    * Put on a white singlet 48 hours later and see your colour against the white – and naturally, a selfie is required.

    Winter Tans

    For further information on the much loved Vani-T brand, visit

    For future note, Meegan hopes to be the inventor of a real hot air spray tan machine so watch this space!

    Tanne by Meegan

    Mobile Service and Salon Location | 89 Little Page Street Albert Park Melbourne, Victoria

    0407 550 272 |

    instagram: @tannèbymeegan


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    Feature | Amy Molloy

    Contributing editor to my all-time favourite magazine Amy Molloy is the latest fabulous and inspirational women to be interviewed here at Why Hello Beauty.

    Amy writes in such a relaxed and conversational manner that initially enticed me to google her after a previous edition of The Collective and find more articles that she had written. Since then, I’ve discovered Amy has written for the Sydney Morning Herald, Sunday Life and The Sunday Times so it’s safe to say the girl is big news. Read on for my chat with the gal herself!

    Hi Amy, thanks for chatting to Why Hello Beauty! What inspired you to want to become a journalist?

    I can’t remember a time when I didn’t write – whether it was writing cutesy poems for my parents as a kid or keeping an angst-ridden journal as a teenager. Aside from a brief period when I decided I wanted to study fashion design at university (even though I can barely sew on a button), I thankfully did a side step onto a fashion journalism degree. The rest is history…

    I’m such a huge fan of The Collective magazine and that’s actually how I found you – how did that collaboration occur?

    I was a fan before I was a contributor. I started reading the magazine from about issue three and found the articles so inspiring. I particularly loved how they weren’t afraid of dedicating three or four of five pages to one article topic. In an era of 200 word blogs and 140 letter Tweets, some Editors are scared to run long articles because they worry readers don’t have the attention span, but The Collective delve deep into subjects. I knew I wanted to be part of the community they were creating, so I reached out to Lisa [Messenger]. Eighteen months on, I say that we’re creative soul mates, because collaborating together is such a dream!

    10557402_613340968784283_6158991275774434628_nWhat advice do you have for those who wish to follow in your footsteps?

    Accept you might have to start out writing about subject that you’re not really passionate about. The first article I ever had published was a news piece about a Priest complaining about how his cemetery kept being vandalised. I also spent months writing a gardening column for a daily newspaper. But, although I had no interest in these subjects, they taught me key skills about writing, editing and working with publicists.  I’m so grateful now that I’m freelance and can choose what story angles to pursue, but it’s been an interesting road to get here!

    Who are you girl crushin’ on right now, Amy?

    I recently interviewed Lauren Mulberry, the lead singer of The Churches for a magazine and walked away from the interview with so much respect for her. I also just interviewed an amazing woman for the front cover of The Collective’s October issue. I can’t say who it is yet but watch this space!

    What three makeup products could you not live without?

    I just returned from 4 months travelling around South America (whilst still working, thanks to the wonders of my iPad) and living out of a backpack completely changed the must-haves in my beauty bag. Because my fiancé and I are far more likely to sleep in a hammock in the wilderness than a hotel, I try to make sure my beauty essentials are environmentally friendly. I always carry GAIA biodegradable baby wipes, a pot of coconut oil for my face and hair, and ECO tan sunscreen. I lost my husband to skin cancer when I was 21, so I’m very vigilant about sun protection.

    And lastly, what’s your signature lipstick shade?

    I  have to admit, it’s rare I wear colour these days as I often just double up coconut oil as lip salve. But I recently discovered Burt’s Bees Lip Crayons and bought every shade in the range (sorry, not sorry!).

    Thank you Amy for spending a few minutes with WHB, it’s great to get to know you more! Oh and I recently received a pink Burt’s Bees Lip Crayon so I totes get you there! 😉

    Happy hump day all!

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    Feature | Alex Fevola of Runway Room

    Alex Fevola has been involved within the media and high profile events for years now so when I heard that she had created her own makeup range Runway Room, I was not surprised but also really excited! To have the experience of playing with makeup and especially makeup on camera for such a period of time would be an amazing stepping stone to creating what Alex believes is the ultimate professional make-up line. The complete Runway Room line includes cosmetics such as primer, base, concealer, powder, eye shadows, mascaras, false lashes, lipliner, lipsticks and lipgloss along with application tools for a complete one-stop shop! I was recently given the opportunity to quiz Alex a little about all things Runway Room and makeup with our chat listed below.

    Hi Alex, thank you for spending a few minutes with Why Hello Beauty! After owning your own Runway Room salon/ makeup bars, was the next logical step a Runway Room makeup collection? Yes, having worked with many brands over my 18 years as a MUA, I had always dreamed of creating my own line. It seemed like the logical step, as there wasn’t a professional, affordable, Australian Made cosmetic line available. I hoped to provide other salons with our ‘concept’ and our affordable and professional products. I felt a lot of cosmetic companies make it hard for small businesses to stock cosmetics as the opening packages are super expensive and the minimum monthly orders are hard for smaller salons to achieve. This stops a lot of smaller salons  from offering this service and products. I hope to be the more affordable alternative and will support and encourage them to expand their business but do not put minimum orders pressure them in any way.

    Did you know exactly what line of makeup you wanted to create, after years of being in the public eyes? My brand has been inspired by many other brands but the one thing I was sure of, was I wanted to manufacture in Australia.

    I simply adore the Runway Room packaging, simple yet eye catching! Was that your main aim? Yes, I wanted a fresh and unique look for the range, most other brands are black or dark and I wanted our products to stand out.  The white and fluro stands out from the rest and certainly makes it easier to find in the bottom of your handbag!

    What is your favourite product of the range? Its hard to say but I wear Face Base everyday along with Power Lash Mascara and Lip Prep. I am extremely proud of our Lip Range, especially our lipsticks, the payoff is amazing, rich pigments and long lasting creamy formulas. We have had so many professionals rave about our lippies so I would say they would have to be up the top of my favourites list.

    Best haircare tip you’ve discovered or been given? Use Olaplex with your colour treatments, it is new technology and simply amazing! No breakage and  strengthens the hair with every colour.

    How important is social media to Runway Room and yourself personally? Extremely important. I think every business should utilize social media to help grow their brand. Especially in this industry, people find a lot of hair and make-up inspo from Instagram, Pinterest, Blogs etc.

    What’s next for the remainder of 2015 and 2016? Well, we are in the process of establishing a flagship store in Adelaide and the Runway Room Academy. We will also be opening more salons / academies across Australia with Sydney firmly in our sights! The main goal is to grow the brand and gain bigger distribution for Runway Room, focusing on boutique salons and suitable stockists and of course, our online Store. We also are investing a lot of time into growing our consultants / direct selling team across Australia. We are in discussions with two international distributors in both USA and China, hopefully we will be international in the future!

    ~ Quick questions ~

    Lipgloss or Lipstick?

    For my clients, lipstick.

    For me personally, usually gloss.

    Matte or Shimmer?


    Today Show or Sunrise?

    Im definitely a Sunrise Girl, I watch it every morning!

    Thanks Alex once again for the opportunity to chat, the list of beautiful and inspirational women that I’ve interviewed on this platform is more than I could ever have imagined. Be sure to keep an eye on my social media and blog for my Runway Room product reviews, I’ll keep ’em coming!

    Have a lovely weekend,

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    Q&A with Shelley Sullivan, CEO of Modelco Cosmetics

    *This post may contain affiliate links for which I receive a commission at no extra cost to you, which assists to support and maintain my freelance writing and this website.

    What a year 2015 has been. Connecting with so many inspirational, motivated and successful women has continually pushed me forward and getting my hustle on. To add to the already long list of fabulous featured women, today I’m sharing my recent Q&A with Shelley Sullivan. For many, Shelley needs no introduction as the Founder and CEO of well-known cosmetic brand ModelCo Cosmetics!

    Shelley says of Modelco: “We’ve learnt that beauty doesn’t have to be hard. At ModelCo we create products for women who want to look and feel their best whilst enjoying a busy lifestyle. That’s what ModelCo is about – achievable, every day glamour”. From the launch and to the consequent complete sell-out of TURBO LASHWAND Heated Eyelash Curler in 2002, the brand has reached new heights with the newest product lash+line, a revoluntary mascara and eyeliner in one – which was recently reviewed here at Why Hello Beauty!

    ModelCo Cosmetics are sold worldwide and has been featured in global publications such as VOGUE, Harper’s Bazaar, marie claire and Instyle. Shelley recently took a few minutes to chat to WHB and I’ve shared it all below!

    Hi Shelley, thanks for taking a few minutes to chat with me – it’s such an honour! Where did the idea of ModelCo come from, do you have a background in beauty? “Owning my own modelling agency I experienced firsthand the limitations of innovative beauty products and the lack of accessibility professional makeup artists had to premium products. When I first started ModelCo there were only two products, LASHWAND Heated Eyelash Curler and then TAN Airbrush in a Can, I certainly didn’t realise at the time that I was starting my own beauty company. What started as a pet project turned into a global brand before I knew it. I had an innate desire to create products that help women to look and feel more glamourous and help simplify their beauty routines”.

    What was/is the biggest challenge with creating such a high profile cosmetics business? “I think international expansion was challenging. It sounds glamorous but I have learnt not to expand too quickly. It is far more strategic to conquer one market at a time”.

    What’s been your biggest achievement so far? I notice you were recently featured in the Collective, I’m such a huge fan of the popular magazine! “My most notable career achievement was when the idea for Tan Airbrush in a Can hit me. I just knew there had to be a smarter and more user friendly way for women to self-tan and had often thought about the idea of marrying self-tan and a spray can. I knew that if I could create way to a product that put an end to stained hands and uneven coverage that it would be a success! When TAN Airbrush in Can – the world’s first aerosol ‘tan in a can’ self-tanning product hit the market it truly changed the way that woman self – tanned, delivering professional results with the convenience of an at-home application. To this date, one unit of Tan in a Can is sold every 36 seconds worldwide.

    Another career achievement would have to be signing, hosting and shooting Rosie Huntington–Whiteley for ModelCo in 2013 and then again in 2014. I am a believer in organic partnerships, so it was important and gratifying to know how much Rosie loved and identified with our products”.

    How important is social media for ModelCo and yourself as the CEO? “It is hugely important. I am constantly thinking about our consumer and trying to understand what she wants. I am across her social media channels so that I can best determine which products she wishes she had in her beauty cupboard that I can then deliver!

    ModelCo has a specialist digital and social media in-house team responsible for driving traffic to the ModelCo website and engaging with our customers on all levels. ModelCo’s rapidly expanding social media following has allowed us to build a strong, modern brand identity that engages with our customers and community 24/7, a focus with is a critical priority for our brand.

    My personal social media allows me to share ModelCo brand news and allow followers a glimpse into my life which I think it key to building a brand rapport and relationship with customers”.

    Do you have any exciting new product launches coming up Shelley? “We have just launched our new self-tanning products for Summer 2015/16. I am very proud of the new ModelCo One Hour Tan Mousse and ModelCo Exfoliate Double Sided Body Wipes. We are working on a contouring range which will be released early next year”.

    Do you have a favourite ModelCo product, can you pick just one? I have to say mine is the new Lash+Line, it’s certainly a revolutionary time and space saving product! 
    “I have to say Tan Airbrush in a Can will always have a special place in my heart! But I definitely agree with you on Lash and Line – I love a bold eye and the 2-in-1 feature is genius!”.

    Thank you so much Shelley for the Q&A feature, I always have had a soft spot for ModelCo due to the stunning packaging equally luxurious cosmetics but now you have a fan in me for life! Cannot wait to see what else is released in the months to come!

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    Q&A with Katrina Lawrence

    As I was growing up reading magazines, I found there was always one beauty editor / beauty blogger I found myself drawn to and keeping an eye on. I followed Katrina Lawrence closely for years on, which was one of Australia’s first beauty blogs until it closed down, which I still think of fondly years later. Katrina was also a huge inspiration to me when I started Why Hello Beauty and started a lot of my ideas for me.

    Late last year I found an article of Katrina’s in Elle’s Australian magazine and completely fangirled on the lounge! I then reached out to Katrina via social media and to my complete and utter shock, she kindly replied and answered a few questions for me and my readers, which just meant the world to me.

    Katrina truly is a completely beauty-full woman, thank you for chatting to little ol’ Emily, a gal who truly looks up to you!

    Yasemin Trollope with Katrina Lawrence

    [Yasemin Trollope with Katrina Lawrence]

    What are you up to currently Katrina? So much has changed since the days!
    “Gosh, so much! When I was running my site, there were only a few beauty titles in the online space and barely any bloggers. Hardly any beauty brand advertised online which made it all seem like a labour of love as opposed to a venture with serious business potential. And social media was virtually unheard of. I’ve gone back to work in the digital space since closing– editing and blogging here and there – so I keep a finger in that particular pie. But currently I’m beauty editor of the French luxury fashion magazine, L’Officiel, which launches in Australia late this year; I also write the new beauty page in The Sunday Telegraph.”

    What is your current skincare regime? 

    “As I write this, the Trilogy Mineral Radiance Mask is smothered over my face. I’m a sucker for masks. Clay, mud, cream, cloth, enzyme … I pop one on whenever I get the chance. In terms of my regular go-tos, right now my daily routine is: Bioderma Sensibio H2O, Estée Lauder Micro Essence Skin Activating Treatment Lotion, Prevage Advanced Anti-Aging Serum, Josie Maran Argan Oil and – for daytime – some kind of tinted moisturiser. At the moment, it’s either the Mecca Cosmetica one, or a Dr Jart+, which is launching at Sydney Sephora in December.”

    What is your favourite lipstick? 

    “Two words: Tom Ford. Such a swoon-worthy range of shades and a formulation that’s so lush on lips. They’re expensive but I like to think you can justify them for the amazing cost-per-wear – as you use every last pigment.”

    Favourite shampoo and conditioner? 

    “Anything from Kérastase Paris is a treat. Same with Christophe Robin and David Mallet. It’s all about the Frenchies for me. Must have something with my obsession with Parisiennes’ effortlessly cool hair.”

    Two products you couldn’t live without? 

    Lanolips 101. Nothing else keeps my lips in such soft and flake-free shape. And perfume. I don’t feel complete if I leave the house without a spritz of two. I’m currently loving Narciso.”

    What beauty websites do you follow? 

    “I often flick through the beauty sections of magazine websites such as Allure, the Vogues and Elle US. I also look up and Into the Gloss fairly regularly, and subscribe to Women’s Wear Daily.”

    Who is your beauty idol? 

    “Brigitte Bardot. The hair, the eyes, the lips, oh the everything … she gets a bad rap for her sun-damaged skin. But, hey, she’s 80! I just see a woman who has loved and lived to the hilt (and who did so in a time when nobody knew how evil UV rays can be) and who has worked tirelessly for animal rights. That’s the definition of beautiful for me.”

    Who is your beauty idol? Share with me in the comments, I’d love to know!

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    Meet | Jules Read jewellery


    Jules Read makes little pieces of forever with her knack for gorgeous jewellery. I invited her to share a few of her favorite pieces here on Why Hello Beauty and thought a piece or two may resonate with you.

    Jules says: “It’s hard for me to choose a favourite because I wear all of my creations and change things up daily, depending on what I am doing and how I am feeling.  I am constantly working on new designs often, so I am asked to make custom orders which then sometimes become part of my range. Pieces are made by me in my studio in the Hawkesbury district of NSW, Australia. My jewellery is made to order, sized and stamped with words of love, fun and inspiration”. Below are a few popular pieces which I find particularly gorgeous.

    1. You Spin Me Right Round pendant  

    “This is the large round spinning personalised pendant. I know lots of people make & sell these but mine really are different. My circle is thicker than most other washer pendants that may appear similar. I make the jump ring on this pendant from sterling silver which is embossed with antique roses, it’s the slightest attention to detail that sets this piece apart from others. I also make matching My English Rose hoop earrings to match this pendant”.


    3. Never Ending pendant 

    “This is the smaller round spinning personalised pendant.  Again my circle pendant is thicker than most other washer pendants that may appear similar at first glance. I make the jump ring on this pendant from sterling silver which is embossed with antique roses – I just love the little details”.

    4. The Little Details earrings 

    “These little personalised handmade earrings are charming and simply pretty.  They are really popular stamped with X & O (Hug & Kiss). I make them in sterling silver, 9ct rose gold & 9ct yellow gold. They can also be stamped with any letter or number. I love to give everyone lots of choices. Personalised jewellery makes people feel so special. No mass produced items from me, but jewellery made especially for them”. (These are Emily’s favourite as well!).

    5. Be Happy, Be Bright, Be You earrings  

    “Contemporary, classy & unique. These earrings are feminine and fun. Perfect for the woman who enjoys simple class.  Options are good, so I make these in sterling silver and give the choice of 9ct yellow gold or 9ct rose gold for the dot on the tip”.


    Facebook: Jules Read

    Twitter: Jules_Read_


    Be sure to visit Etsy and see more of Jules’ collection, perfect for scrolling through on the couch this wintery weekend. Stay safe in this weather lovelies!

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    Meet | Kelley Baker Brows

    I adore brows. Eyebrows are my addiction, always looking for the next best thing in brows and tips and tricks.

    When I decided to grow out my brows about nine months ago, I sought out the help of @rocan on instagram and also came across Kelley Baker Brows, a US based eyebrow goddess with salons in Venice Beach and Beverley Hills. Recently I made contact with Kelley Baker’s salon and have been conversing with Marjohn who is Kelley’s PA. Marjohn ever-so-kindly provided me with some information on the KBB brand for you all to find out a little bit about Kelley Baker Brows.

    Kelley Baker Brows


    But first, my history with Kelley Baker Brows:

    After discovering KBB on instagram and watching all the videos uploaded, I quickly purchased a highlighter and highlighter brush during a mega sale for, I think around $30US (which included shipping from the US). When the products arrived, they came in the cutest package with a sweet sticker which I loved!

    I have since never used another eyebrow brush on myself since then. As I’m a pencil girl so each morning all I use is my Anastasia Brow Wiz Pencil, apply the highlight and use the brush to carve out and define the shape I just created. Too easy!

    Now let’s find out more about Kelley Baker Brows salons. I’ll let Marjohn take over now!


    Kelley started out in the Beauty Industry doing makeup. She has been doing makeup for over 20 years and has been doing brows for over 10 years. Ever since she was in high school, she has been doing everyone’s makeup. She never really paid attention in high school, except for in art class. That was the only class she really excelled in. Because of this, Kelley always knew from a young age that she wanted to go into the beauty industry. After high school she decided to attend beauty school. And there in beauty school, she was introduced to the eyebrow world, which is why she is where she is now. She learned everything you needed to know about brows and makeup and it became her career. Kelley is a Virgo and a perfectionist, so getting a clean and crisp brow line comes so naturally to her!


    In Beverly Hills we have staff member Anthony (IG: anthonyandrewsbhbrows) and in Venice we have Vanessa (IG: VCfacebeauty) and Mersedeh (IG: mersedeh_). Kelley works across both locations. Also between the two locations we have a salon manager, whose name is Cynthia (IG: iheartcynochoa) and two other receptionists, Marjohn (IG: marrrjj) and John who go back and forth between the two salons. All of the Brow Divas hold an esthetician license, so you know that you are in capable and experienced hands!


    Kelley has her own line of products which have recently been launched. The products include our brow powders in two shades, blonde and brown; our highlighter pencil (my favorite); our two brushes, the highlighter brush and the angled brush; a sharpener; brow gel; tweezers and two lip glosses.

    Kelley Baker Brows

    The two powders are the two most universal powders you could use. The blonde powder is typically used on people with very light hair and red heads. The brown powders can be used on anyone with any shade of brown in their hair. We use to powders to fill in any sparse areas of the brow.

    The double sided angled brush is an angled brush on one end and a spooly on the other. This brush is used to apply the brow powder and to brush the brow hair up and soften powder if it is applied to harsh.

    The highlighter pencil is very creamy and Kelley and our team use use it on every single one of their clients. We use the highlighter pencil to really give the brow a defined and crisp look .

    The highlighter brush is the brush we use to blend out the highlighter pencil. It is flat ended and very dense to help create a clean line. The brow gel is used to set the brows and keep hair in place. The sharpener is for the highlighter pencil. We find that other sharpeners aren’t big enough for the highlighter pencil. We also now stock two KBB lip glosses. Sweetie Pie and Barbie. Sweetie Pie (below)is the perfect baby pink, and Barbie is a sparkly gloss.


    Kelley has many videos and pictures on instagram to help anyone achieve the perfect brow. We also have a number of videos on our website:


    If you are in the US, you can find Kelley Baker Brows in their two locations.Our Beverly Hills location is located at the Lasky Clinic: 201 S Lasky Drive. Beverly Hills, CA 90212. Our Venice location is located at 1636 Abbot Kinney Blvd. Venice, CA 90291.


    Thank you SO much Marjohn, I can’t wait till my next trip to LA as I know where my first stop will be!