Review | Veet SpaWax Stripless Wax Warming Kit

Do you love the feeling of a salon wax but dread the up close and personal and at times, confronting experience that comes with the territory? This new product recently launched by Veet may be the answer to your problems gal!

Veet SpaWax Stripless Wax Warming Kit is an at-home wax kit that you can use by yourself or with a trusted friend (i.e totally private) , and zero cotton strips present! Simply warm the wax in the pot included, wipe on, wait 30-60 seconds, pull off and bam – done!

Each wax kit comes with a handful of wax cubes (to melt), a spatula and a cord that needs plugging into power and the kit itself. No on/off buttons, once the cord is plugged into the pot and the light is on, it’s warming up!

So far, I’ve waxed my eyebrows, my upper lip, my annoying widows peak and also my partners brows (which obviously, he thoroughly enjoyed….!). Next on my to-do list in my arms and legs, ready in time for the Christmas break and our few days down in West Tasmania with my extended family.

I’ve found the wax easy to apply but quite quick to dry so once you’ve dipped an orange stick or similar in the wax pot, get to work quick. My eyebrows were a little tricky by myself, as I found the wax dripped a bit (as I was sitting up in a chair) which when you’re at a salon, isn’t a problem as your laying down and the angle is much easier for the therapist to be precise. Using the spatula for larger sections like arms and legs would be a breeze I can see, less room for error or too-thin brows!

Below I’ve listed my top tips for a flawless waxing experience, keep reading on!

  • Ensure a smooth clean skin surface, free from moisturiser, deodorant and perfumes
  • Apply the wax in a downwards motion, i.e so if you’re waxing your legs, apply in the direction towards your feet. It helps lay the hairs down flat so that the wax glides over easily.
  • When pulling the wax off, pull from the opposite direction of the hair growth, so again with the legs, pull from your feet up. This method grips each hair from the root, to ensure a smoother result.
  • Once completed, apply an after-wax moisturiser or an Aloe Vera cream, to soothe the red areas and close the pores that you’ve opened by waxing. Also, avoid hot showers or baths for a few days until your skin has recovered, otherwise a rash or reaction may occur.

Start your summer off with some well-deserved at-home pampering and bare that beautiful skin, with DIY waxing!

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  • Reply Natalia January 8, 2017 at 9:41 am

    Hi! I would like to know if I can use this veet pot with a different type of wax? I prefer tu use strips, is easy for me. And I love the size of the pot. Is only for my eyebrows and upper lip. Thank you.

    • Reply Emily January 9, 2017 at 2:50 am

      Hi Natalia, that’s a good question! You could use the wax on any area of the body, and it does save the need for strips which is what I enjoyed! I would say you could fill it up with other wax, it should heat up enough to melt any wax! Good luck!

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